Customer's support

After-sales support

For detailed information concerning the order, delivery and special offers, please, contact RIDZEL sales outlets. You can ask any questions concerning quality, functions and work of any Partshoff GmbH products by phoning our hotline (phone number).

International logistics

The company has an opportunity to deliver products round the world as Partshoff GmbH products conform to all the international quality standards. We offer both, free and paid delivery services. Please, contact our representatives to get detailed information about RIDZEL products.

After-sales help

Our team of experts will recommend you the product that suits you perfectly. Our representatives will be happy to tell you about the products’ advantages and to answer any questions.

Partshoff GmbH does not have any sales outlets of its own, so all the products are sold through our partners who we trust.

Please, contact a sales office to get all the necessary information.

Product availability

Our distributors always have all the RIDZEL products in stock, ready for immediate shipment after an order is placed. Please, visit our website ( to learn about our assortment of goods, choose the product you need and contact the local RIEDZEL distributor.

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