Technologies and quality

RIDZEL brake systems are suitable for all types of roads and designed to meet the customers’ needs.

Partshoff GmbH engineers designed and tested brake systems with due allowance for all types of roads. RIDZEL brakes demonstrate stability and excellent results on all types of surfaces, from the smoothest to the roughest.

Our aim is to make our brake systems reliable, wear-resistant and suitable for any conditions. To achieve that, we use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies.

Fabric anti-noise shims

Friction between the brake pads and the disc causes vibrations and noise during braking. Fabric anti-noise shims by Partshoff GmbH provide for effective noise damping, which makes braking easier and more comfortable. Besides that, unlike brake lubricants, shims do not get dried or displaced, which reduces the cost of brake system maintenance.

The shims are made of nonwoven fabric and high-quality polymer coating, which makes the braking sound almost imperceptible.

RIDZEL brake systems are made of high-quality materials

By combining scientific achievements, state-of-the-art technology and innovative design, our team has created RIDZEL brakes and accessories for brake systems that have no rivals in the market. Due to the use of special alloyage control techniques, we produce top quality products and provide for the goods’ safety.

The use of a computer-controlled precise mixing machine helps Partshoff GmbH ensure stable and high quality of its products.

RIDZEL molding brake pads manufacturing technology

Partshoff GmbH does NOT use the standard brake pads manufacturing technology for its products.

Most brake pads all over the world are made with press machines, and binding resin is used to hold materials together. Unfortunately, when pads get heated, ordinary resins evaporate, which results in 40-50% increase in the stopping distance.

Unlike pads made with ordinary resins, those manufactured by RIDZEL Molding technology have homogeneous density, which ensures higher friction and significantly improves the stopping power. RIDZEL Molding is a technology that guarantees superior braking properties of pads during the whole period of their life.

100% baking of the brake pads

100% baking of RIDZEL brake pads provides for better functioning and improved friction, which makes braking faster and more effective for the driver. This effect has to do with the friction layer formed in the process of heat treatment. This additional stage of the manufacturing process helps to minimize the time needed for bedding-in of the brake pad.

All the pads produced by Partshoff GmbH go through the process of baking to eliminate the residues that have appeared on the surface in the process of manufacture.

Support plate

The support plate is the basic component of a brake pad, which allows you to optimize the work of the brake system. That is why special attention is paid to the process of its manufacturing.

OE-standard support plates have been manufactured with due regard to their location, which provides for flawless operation of the brake system. Each support plate is made of special high-quality material providing for ideal contact between the plate and the friction material. Besides, the support plates are treated with a special antirust composition which extends their life.


Regular braking leads to the emission of heat, dust and gases. Special slots help to remove these emissions, as well as water, dirt and road dust, keeping the pads clean and improving their braking properties.

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